Waste Removal Price Guide

If you need to begin a waste removal project, it’s essential to have a good idea of how much it’s likely to cost. This is to help you make sure you don’t end up being surprised by the cost. We’ve put together a guide to the average costs of waste removal projects, to help you with your project.

General advice


With waste removal, it’s vital to do your research into the type of waste that you need to be removed. It’s also good to have a good idea of how much waste there needs to be removed. Both of these things will cause the price of the job to change significantly, so make sure you’re clear on the scale of the project.

Set a budget

After you’ve got an idea of how much your project is likely to cost, set a realistic budget. Make sure that it’s realistic, as a budget that doesn’t reflect the reality of your specific project won’t be useful.


Waste removal prices will vary depending on the amount and type of the waste that you need to be removed. The prices will also change depending on whether you use a waste removal service or just hire a skip. Also, hazardous waste will also add to the cost of a waste removal project.

Make sure you get a number of quotes to compare the prices of waste removal projects. Beware of especially high or low quotes, particularly if the company can’t justify their price differences.

Here are some example prices to give you an idea of how much a waste removal project is likely to cost:

Waste removal project Approx. cost
2yd3 skips £60-£100
4yd3 skips £100-£200
6-8yd3 skips £130-£250
10-16yd3 skips £200-£500
Waste removal service equivalent to ½ 6yd3 skip £200-£300
Waste removal service equivalent to 1 6yd3 skip £250-£400
Waste removal service equivalent to 2 6yd3 skips £300-£450

Bear in mind that any hazardous or bulky waste such as fridges, computer monitors, fluorescent tubes or gas bottles will add to these prices. Waste like asbestos will also add to these prices. You may need to get a specific quote for hazardous waste like asbestos.

These prices may also increase depending on the area that you live in. You may need to apply for skip permits or a parking permit if you want to leave the skip on the road. These will usually add to the price of the skip.

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